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Unprotected Poetry

© Larry Jaffe

i had unprotected poetry last night it was unexpected you know spontaneous and we did not use anything we just went at it to keep the mood it was incredible but not safe and now i am worried cause it can be infectious and dangerous to say things without a condom it could be disastrous to speak without protection and a guy should not have unprotected poetry he should take more responsibility than that not just leave it up to the girl what kind of guy would just go off without some sort of protection what are the consequences i'm not sure and now i'm scared it was so irresponsible of me to have unprotected poetry to not even ask or consult her about poetry control methods she might be using or gulp not using what if she gets poetically pregnant and wants to have my poem or worse what if she has some kind of poetically transmitted disease you know ptd or what if i do and we have to wait to see what happens taking regular poetry tests to see if we’ve got it but wow we actually did it last night we had poetry how many people in this day and age have pure unprotected poetry we should be thankful for that after all it was good poetry we both really enjoyed it we soared like angels without wings never coming down just coming poetically that is what a high to hit that climax and feel like you will never ever be mortal again now that you have had unprotected poetry who can protect you now that you have had unsafe poetry and want to do it again and again and again cause you know it just don’t feel the same with a poetic condom it blocks off the all feeling and the flow and the words the words are stopped short with safe protected poetry and i personally will never write that way again

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